This Tiny Shop In Colorado Serves Green Chile To Die For

In Colorado, there are three things that we take very seriously:

1.) Our beloved Broncos

2.) Outdoor recreation

3.) Green chile

While we each have our own differing opinions about (who makes the best) #3, one thing is for sure: Colorado is home to by far the best recipes and variations of this spicy delight. However, if we had to pick the absolute BEST place to go for green chile in Colorado, we would have to recommend going with Mr. Chile himself…

Whether you sample the perfectly seasoned chile in store or on the road (via food truck), your taste buds are sure to be ruined for life by Romero Cafe’s 50-time award-winning green chile recipe, which has delights both politicians and locals alike. Not only do we here at Only in Colorado like the green chili; we love the hearty and flavorful entrees that can be smothered in this iconic Colorado goodness. (Prefer to eat your green chile with a bowl and spoon? Do it! Just make sure to ask for a homemade tortilla on the side to dunk — YUM!) Did we mention that they also serve their green chile for breakfast?

Have you had the pleasure of trying Romero’s famous green chile? What did you think?

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