This Bird’s Eye View Of Denver Will Take Your Breath Away

In April of 2015 my wife and baby daughter and I moved out of our apartment, bought an RV, and went on the road for the summer. We traveled the country (with a short stint in Ireland) for six months, staying mostly in Wal-Mart parking lots, and bumming off of free McDonald’s WiFi. During that time we went through 26 states, dozens of cities, and many hundreds of towns. The reason we did it was because we wanted to film the beauty of America’s cities with a budding technology: drones. So we did, and all-told we filmed videos of about a dozen different cities.

Toward the end of our summer travels we spent several days in Denver. I had a buddy from college who was able to show me around and give suggestions on ideal locations to film (side-note, he also introduced me to the Denver beer scene, which was quite enjoyable!).

I wish we had had more time to spend exploring and enjoying the city. I feel like we only scratched the surface of what Denver has to offer, so we will look forward to returning again for more beer and great food! And who knows… maybe we can make a video highlighting the many murals around the city.

Anyway, here’s to Denver:

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