This Rare Footage In 1988 Shows Denver Like You’ve Never Seen Before

You won’t believe this rare footage of Denver from June 15, 1988, when the most destructive tornadoes in the city’s history descended upon us and left a trail of carnage in their wakes. Approximately six tornadoes ripped through the metro area that day, and witnesses reported seeing as many as three twisters hit Downtown at once. A slow-moving F2 tornado slashed its way through a wooded area in northeast Denver and uprooted hundreds of trees, but the most extensive damage occurred in south Denver near Broadway and Evans, where an F3 reportedly destroyed 85 buildings for an estimated loss of $5-10 million.

The unusual number of tornadoes struck the Mile High City during rush hour, and it’s utterly miraculous that no deaths or severe injuries occurred. There were, however, many outrageous tales of survival told by eye-witnesses of cars being overturned, trees and debris sucked into funnels, and even people and animals flung through the air by strong winds or clinging to telephone poles for safety. Egad!

After seeing this rare footage of Denver, I’m still amazing that no one was seriously hurt during the storm. Where you in the Mile High City when this devastating outbreak of thunderstorms and tornadoes struck?