Most People Don’t Know This Park In Colorado Was Built On Top Of A Burial Ground

If there is one thing that Colorado doesn’t lack (aside from rad people, jaw-dropping scenery, and something new to do every weekend, of course), it is gorgeous parks. To put into perspective just how much we love our outdoor space, Denver alone has a whopping 40,000 acres of traditional parks and parkways, including this popular—and allegedly haunted—park that was built on top of the old Prospect Hill Cemetery:

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Located in the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, Cheesman Park is a lush 81 acres that didn’t make its debut until the late 1890s. Before then, the recently established Denver was home to the large Prospect Hill Cemetery, which spanned the area that is now the Denver Botanic Gardens, Congress Park, and — you guessed it — Cheesman Park. During the late 19th century, the city voted to demolish Prospect Hill in order to make room for a new park, hiring E.P. McGovern to exhume the bodies, place them into new coffins, and then move the coffins to a new location. These plans quickly took a turn south when McGovern began looking for ways to save money, eventually purchasing multiple child-sized coffins, chopping up the bodies in order to make them fit, and throwing dismembered body parts around the grounds during the process. In the end, not all of those resting at Prospect Hill were moved, and Cheesman Park was in-turn built over their graves. Whether or not Cheesman Park is haunted by the spirits of those who once rested at the old Prospect Hill Cemetery is up for debate, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any strange sights or sounds the next time you are there.

Did you already know that Cheesman Park was built over an old cemetery? If so, do you think it is haunted? Let us know in the comments.