Wait Until You Hear Why Crestone, Colorado Is Called The Bermuda Triangle Of The West

Have you heard of Crestone, Colorado? As it is a small, 141-person Statutory Town, many Coloradans have never heard of it and couldn’t tell you where in the state it is located. That being said, why should you know about Crestone (or better yet, why should you visit)? It is because this small town in Colorado has some significant and surprising landmarks as well as an equally surprising nickname: the Bermuda Triangle of the West.

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Address: Crestone, CO 81143, USA

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Colorado Urban Legends

January 04, 2023

What are some other urban legends about Colorado?

In addition to Crestone being hailed as the Bermuda Triangle of the West, here are some other urban legends you might hear about Colorado:

  • Riverdale Road, AKA The Gates of Hell. Riverdale Road in Thornton is the alleged site of several manic instances, ranging from an insane man who murdered his wife and children by setting their mansion on fire, to the grizzly lynchings of former slaves, to the mysterious underground chicken coop that was home to conjured demons and spirits. Several visitors of Riverdale Road have reported hearing a distressed woman’s screams, the creaking sounds of swinging rope and the heavy breathing of supposed seized spirits.
  • The Haunted Stanley Hotel. Quite possibly the most famous of Colorado urban legends (thanks to “The Shining”) the century-old Stanley Hotel has a reputation for paranormal activity, including the sightings of deceased former guests, the sounds of distressed children, and other unexplainable happenings (like linens being folded when no one is around).
  • Hotel Colorado (another haunted Colorado hotel!). Guests turning in for the night and being rudely awakened by the lights unexplainably turning on? The sightings of a little girl in a Victorian-era dress roaming the halls? Miscellaneous items being tampered with? Shiver.
  • The Chilling Legends of Gold Camp Road. Hiding away near Colorado Springs, Gold Camp Road looks about as normal as roads come but is, in fact, hiding a sinister secret. Following an old rail line that ran from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek, Gold Camp Road runs through three of the railroad’s original tunnels, which is where this ghost story begins… As the legend goes, the tunnels were initially constructed in the 1800s and, during construction, collapsed on one of the workers, burying him alive and eventually killing him. While the worker’s death is tragic enough, the story gets even worse, as not only was he killed in an unthinkable way, but so was a school bus full of orphans who died instantly when part of the tunnel collapsed on top of the vehicle. After the children’s untimely death, the third tunnel was closed off, but those who have since visited claim to have heard the sound of screaming children. This is, hands down, one of Colorado’s most chilling urban legends!
Address: Crestone, CO 81143, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.