There’s something inherently magical about waterfalls. Whether you’re reveling in the grandeur of the largest waterfall in the U.S., or simply taking in a babbling little cascade while on a hike, waterfalls are extraordinary natural wonders that really must be experienced in person. Happily, there are numerous bucket-list-worthy waterfalls across the country, so no matter which state you call home, you’re guaranteed to be close to one of these wondrous falls. Today we’re taking a tour of the tallest waterfalls in America. These are immense and commanding cascades sure to leave you breathless; fully immersed in a beautiful moment of complete awe and wonder.

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Waterfall chasing is a particular variety of wanderlust with which we’re well familiar, and after seeing some of these showstoppers in person, we guarantee you’ll want to chase them all.

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Best Waterfalls in the US

What are some other must-visit waterfalls in the U.S.?

Niagara Falls is, hands down, the most famous waterfall in the country. The first state park designated in the United States, Niagara Falls State Park attracts some 30 million visitors each year and is a true American icon. Draining Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, the falls — technically a set of three cascades — are one of the most powerful on the continent, with six million cubic feet of water flowing every minute. Niagara is a magnificent spectacle to see in person and a humbling reminder of Mother Nature’s prowess. It’s glorious and epic, yes, but there are wondrous waterfalls across the country that easily rival Niagara Falls. Below you'll find some other must-visit cascades that we consider among the best waterfalls in the US:

  • Hamilton Pool Preserve - Texas. Hamilton Pool isn't as much a single waterfall as it is an entire waterfall scene. The limestone grotto formed thousands of years ago when the dome of an underground river collapsed due to erosion. Beneath its expanse, a 50-foot waterfall flows into the pool, creating a sublime, total sensory experience. Between the turquoise waters, mossy overhangs, caverns, and trickling falls (or dripping springs), Hamilton Pool Preserve is easily one of the most enchanting waterfalls in the country.
  • Ruby Falls - Tennessee. The tallest underground waterfall in the country, Ruby Falls is an absolutely awe-inspiring spectacle that will stop you in your tracks. Everything about Ruby Falls is unique, from its underground location atop a mountain to its otherworldly caverns full of fascinating geologic formations and superlative stats. At 145 feet tall, Ruby Falls is an extraordinary spectacle, and there are many ways to experience the falls. The Lantern Tours are perhaps the most magical way to experience these underground falls; small groups are led through the caverns with hand-held lanterns as the only light source. Rock formations, pristine pools, and shadows dance before your eyes. Ruby Falls truly is an experience for any self-described waterfall chaser.
  • Cumberland Falls - Kentucky. Hailed as Kentucky's "Niagara of the South," Cumberland Falls is a majestic, 68-foot waterfall located on the commanding Cumberland River. Not only is Cumberland Falls an awe-inspiring force of nature, it's also the site of a natural phenomenon that's so rare, it's only experienced a few places in the entire world. Known as a "moonbow," this prismatic phenomenon is created when light refracts in the waterfall's spraying water droplets. The moonbow lingers above the falls for up to two days as long as the sky is clear, on either end of the full moon. One of the most spectacular and accessible waterfall trails in the country, the Moonbow Trail is a bucket-list must -- especially at night.