The Beautiful Restaurant Tucked Away In An Arkansas Forest Most People Don’t Know About

Is there anything better than stumbling across something totally amazing in the middle of the woods? Well, if you drive out to the tiny town of Mammoth Spring, which is in itself hiding in a forest in the Ozarks, you’re going to find several totally amazing things. The charming little town of Mammoth Springs has less than a thousand people and is surrounded by some of the most impressive natural beauty in the Natural State. The town of Mammoth Spring is also set right beside the waters of Mammoth Spring, which is the largest natural spring in Arkansas. That spring turns into Spring River, and on the banks of Spring River you’ll find just about the most lovely restaurant you’ve ever seen. It’s called Wood’s Riverbend Restaurant, and it’s got delicious food, an awe-inspiring location, and the appeal of being somewhere you might not know about just yet.

You’ll find the restaurant at 80 Main Street in Mammoth Spring. Directions are here.

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