The Museum Of Funeral Services In Arkansas Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

From the Boggy Creek Monster to an abandoned medieval fortress, Arkansans may have some quirks. We certainly aren’t in denial over it; in fact, we’re pretty proud of our weird roots. One of the many ways we celebrate our oddities is through our museums. Sure, we have the standard art and history museums but places like the Lum & Abner Museum or Galaxy Collection (a plethora of vintage Star Wars memorabilia for those of you without the force) are worth the out-of-the-way drive. While most of Arkansas’ museums are historical or delightfully quirky, some are a bit creepier. The Museum of Funeral Services in Newport is definitely worth a visit but perhaps not for the faint of heart.

Jackson’s can be unearthed at 1910 Malcolm Ave., Newport, AR 72112.

It’s a little unnerving to think a funeral service museum is located in the same building as the dearly departed but it definitely adds to the authenticity. Have you visited Jackson’s? What’s another quirky museum in Arkansas? Let us know in the comments six feet below!