When it comes to a great burger, serious eaters don’t mind throwing their steadfast healthy eating decisions out of the window, only if momentarily. Arkansas food in general is known to make even the strictest dieter indulge in even the most decadent of dishes, and the burgers are no exception. These restaurants, diners, and burger stands are boasted by many of the best minds (and mouths) of the Natural State as having the greatest of the grill. The following is a list of some of the most delicious burger joints in Arkansas. See how many of these iconic restaurants you’ve visited:

Honorable mentions go to Big Orange, the Arkansas Burger Company, Zack’s Place, Shorty Smalls, EJ’s Eats, and Buffalo Grill (all in Little Rock), Jason’s in Lake Hamilton, and Marketplace Grill in Conway! Did any of your favorite burger joints in Arkansas miss the list? If so, be sure to share them with us in the comments below — we’d love to hear from you!

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Where else can I find the best burgers in Arkansas?

If you're someone who loves a quality burger, Arkansas is a great place to visit. As you've learned from the above article highlighting the best burger joints in Arkansas, this state has no shortage of fantastic eateries. Some other places you'll want to check out for a fantastic burger in Arkansas include Smitty's Garage Burgers & Beer, South on Main, CJ's Butcher Boy Burgers, Skinny J's Argenta, Ozone Burger Bar, Leo's Greek Castle, Hugo's, Brenda's Dairy Bar, The Box, Big Orange Midtown, Oark Burger Company, TJ's Burgers, The Purple Cow Restaurant, and Miss Anna's on Towson.

What are some must-try restaurants in Arkansas?

If you consider yourself a foodie, a trip to Arkansas will not disappoint. From down-home cooking to fine dining and just about everything in between, Arkansas truly has a little something for every preference. Some must-try restaurants include the Oark General Store, Ed Walker's Drive-In, Dondie's White River Princess, Weinkeller Restaurant, Flying Fish, Cliff House Inn, Doe's Eat Place, and Rivertown BBQ. Learn more about these iconic restaurants in Arkansas.

What kind of food is Arkansas known for?

It likely won't surprise you that Arkansas is known for Southern fare. However, there are quite a few recipes that are unique to Arkansas. Some of the food Arkansas is known for includes fried catfish, chicken fried steak, BBQ, chocolate gravy, Sawmill gravy, beans, and cornbread.

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