20 Awesome Beaches In Arkansas Where You Can Soak Up Some Sun

Sometimes on a summer day there’s nothing better than sitting on a beach with a cooler, good friends, and good music! Arkansas has some of the best places across the state (we’ve mentioned in previous articles the beautiful spots at Lakes Hamilton and Catherine, Lake Ouachita, DeGray Lake, Greers Ferry, Bull Shoals, Norfork Lake, and along both the Buffalo and White River) to relax on the sand. Pack your favorite swimsuit or trunks and take a trip across the Natural State while the weather’s hot & enjoy a day on these beaches in Arkansas!

Where else do you like to go in Arkansas to catch a few rays or take a cool dip in the water? There’s a lot of places across the Natural State to get your summertime glow going! Tell us about your favorites in the comments below!