This One Little Grill Is A Must Stop Along Arkansas’ Famous Hwy 67

No matter if you’re traveling its entirety, taking a trip to reach the Rock ‘n’ Roll portion in the northern corner of the state, or just find yourself needing to take a good drive, the historic Highway 67 is an icon. There’s one particular restaurant that’s a perfect pit stop. The 67 Grill is tasty success story from food truck to shack to now a full-service restaurant. Complete with live entertainment and delicious home-cooked food with flare, the 67 Grill is well worth the stop. Let’s find a new favorite at this beloved downtown grill.

Have you been to the 67 Grill yet? Share which burger is your favorite with us in the comments below!

Did you notice their featured sauces in the burger picture above? The Ohio Club happens to be the oldest bar in Arkansas.