There’s No Better Place To Be Than These 47 Hot Springs In Arkansas

It may seem overwhelming to hear that there are 47 hot springs in Arkansas. Luckily, they are all in one central location. Can anyone guess where these amazing springs are located? We’ll wait . . .

You got it. Hot Springs National Park is located in central Arkansas, adjacent to Arkansas’ famous resort town, Hot Springs. The water of the hot springs emerges from the ground at a toasty 143 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although there aren’t any places within the park where visitors can get in the springs, Hot Springs has conveniently solved this problem with the historic Bathhouse Row.

Though we were unable to find pictures of all 47 springs, (and we also thought that much natural beauty might be too overwhelming,) we did find some truly amazing shots.

Looking for the best place to rejuvenate in Arkansas? Due to Arkansas’s intense natural beauty and preferred slow pace, our state offers a number of places to recharge your batteries. Hot Springs, though, with its historic roots and natural hot springs, may just be the best place to go.