Two Arizona Destinations Were Named One Of The 50 Most Beautiful Places In The World

Arizona is full of breathtaking natural wonders, two of which have made it into the national spotlight! Grand Canyon National Park and Havasu Falls are among the 50 most beautiful places on earth, according to US News, and deservedly so. From the moment you arrive, you won’t believe your eyes. These beautiful places in Arizona certainly earned their spots as some of the most beautiful on earth.

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon or Havasu Falls? If so, do you feel they deserve a place on the list? Let us know your thoughts. For information about the Grand Canyon, including park hours, camping information, permits, and more visit the official website.

There is no shortage of beautiful places in Arizona, and we strongly encourage you to check them all out as you can. You will not regret a moment of it.

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Address: Havasu Falls, Arizona 86435, USA
Address: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA
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Beautiful Places in Arizona

May 05, 2021

Are there any waterfalls in Arizona?

Despite our reputation as a desert filled with cacti and canyons (and some parts of our state are), we’ve got more than a few stunning waterfalls that are accessible to those who seek them out. Many are seasonal; during the spring, as the snow in the northern regions of the state melts off, several waterfalls will help drain the excess meltwater into Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona. Some are present year-round, like the waterfalls you’ll find at Fossil Creek after a good, solid hike, and the incredible Havasu Falls, which are accessible only to the most serious of hikers. If you know where to look, you’ll know where to find some stunning Arizona cascades. 

What are some amazing natural wonders in Arizona?

Oh, gosh. Where do we start? Most obviously, there’s the Grand Canyon, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. That glaringly obvious option aside, there’s so much more here to explore and appreciate. For example, the incredible red rocks and towering cliffs and mesas of Sedona, Arizona, are known around the world for their unique and breathtaking beauty. We’re home to the largest swaths of Saguaro cacti in the world, and we’re also one of only a few places where they grow at all. In parts of the state, you can also find Joshua Trees, a strange relative of the yucca that also only grows in certain parts of the world. If you’re not up for traveling, there’s always our world-famous, breathtaking sunsets. Craving more ideas? Let this article serve as inspiration!

What are the most pristine lakes in Arizona? 

Arizona is home to plenty of lakes, most of which are man-made, however, some are natural - only two of them, though. Mormon Lake, up near Flagstaff, and Stoneman Lake, near Sedona, are all-natural. They’re both sparkling and beautiful, and the water is as clear as can be. Knoll Lake, near Payson, is another pristine lake in the Copper State, though that one is man-made. We promise, though, that you won’t be able to tell.