The Floating Cabins At Bartlett Lake Marina In Arizona Are The Ultimate Place To Stay Overnight This Summer

If you’re in search of a unique warm-weather adventure, look no further than the Aqua Lodge on Bartlett Lake. These floating cabins are just steps away from the waterfront and offer modern amenities reminiscent of a high-end glamping destination. You’ll love every minute of your stay! If you’ve ever wondered where you can find floating cabins (or houseboats) in Arizona, you’ve found ’em right here:

Visit the Bartlett Lake Marina website or Facebook page to learn more!

Have you ever stayed at the Aqua Lodge on Bartlett Lake? If so, we’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments section. What did you like the most? For more floating cabins in Arizona, check out our previous article.

Address: 20808 E Bartlett Dam Rd, Rio Verde, AZ 85263, USA
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Floating Cabins in Arizona

March 25, 2022

Where can I find floating cabins for rent in Arizona?  

Arizona might be smack-dab in the desert, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to do a good floating cabin the right way! In fact, there’s not one but two awesome companies from whom you can rent a floating cabin in Arizona; those companies are based in Bartlett Lake and Scorpion Bay. There’s the Bartlett Lake expeditions like in the article you just read, and then there’s the Scorpion Bay Marina, which is located at Lake Pleasant. Sometimes, Lake Havasu will have boat rental programs as well, but those are more of the “houseboat” variety than “floating cabins for rent in Arizona.”  

How many lakes in Arizona are there?  

The Copper State is home to an impressive 128 lakes! Most of them are man-made and/or reservoirs, and just two of them are natural (Mormon Lake, near Flagstaff, and Stoneman Lake, near Sedona). There are five major rivers in Arizona, including but not limited to the Colorado River (by far the largest), the Verde River, and the Gila River. The largest lake in Arizona is Lake Powell, which we share with Utah; it’s 186 amazing miles long and encompasses an impressive 162,200 acres of surface area. It’s accompanied by almost 2,000 miles of beautiful shoreline, making it a beloved destination for Arizonans to cool off during our sweltering summer months. The lakes in Arizona each offer excellent fishing, boating, and exploring opportunities; visit one during the week instead of on a weekend for a quieter, much less crowded experience. Many of Arizona’s lakes offer excellent camping on or near the shores, so be sure to do some looking around while planning your next adventure. Few things are as refreshing as waking up beside one of Arizona’s amazing lakes. Need more ideas and inspiration? Check this article out for a list of some of our favorite lakes in Arizona. 

Address: 20808 E Bartlett Dam Rd, Rio Verde, AZ 85263, USA