Hidden gems in Arizona aren’t exactly uncommon, but this one just might be the least-known of all. Tucked away in a remote area, this secret Lake Powell swimming hole is guaranteed to make your summer epic. Check it out and see why it’s one of the best places to go swimming in Arizona:

This video by Lake Powell Droner shows the Toilet Bowl in action:

Have you ever been swimming in the Toilet Bowl? Is there any other little-known swimming hole in Arizona you love? Check out another amazing swimming spot in Arizona at this amazing blue lagoon.

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Lake Powell Swimming Hole

What is the Lake Powell toilet bowl?  

The “toilet bowl” at Lake Powell is a delightfully beautiful – and highly unusual, at least for Arizona standards – swimming hole located on Lake Powell in a cute little spot where tour groups don’t typically go. It’s only accessible by boat, and despite its popularity, it's easily one of our favorite things to do outside in Arizona. The water in all of Lake Powell, but especially the “toilet bowl”, is quite clear and often appears bright blue as it reflects the stunning color of Arizona’s endless skies. It’s right on the Arizona/Utah border at coordinates 37.0740541, -111.3137875.  

Where is the ideal Lake Powell swimming hole location?  

If you ask us (which apparently you just did), the best swimming holes in Arizona include gems like this – the “toilet bowl” - and lots of other places around the state. Of course, we might be a little biased, but we feel like it just doesn’t get a whole lot more enticing than, well, the “toilet bowl” at Lake Powell. Though that’s not its official name, it’s not nearly as gross as the moniker makes it sound; it’s quite the opposite, really – we suspect it’s one of the most scenic places in Arizona. It’s definitely worth visiting to see why it’s one of the best swimming holes in Arizona, but make sure to time your visit well – come when the water is too high and you won’t see it at all. Come when it’s too low and you’ll never be able to climb out!  

Where are all the best Lake Powell swimming spots?  

So, other than the “toilet bowl”, what other spots on Lake Powell are great for swimming? As it turns out, there are numerous popular swimming beaches in Arizona, many of which are at Lake Powell (which we share with Utah). The Wahweap Swimming Spot is exactly as it’s named: a pleasant little oasis perfect for the whole family to enjoy, especially on those super-hot summer days. Wahweap Beach is also wonderful. Also, be sure to look into doing Coves Loop, which leads to a “secret” hidden beach in Arizona that’s worth taking a dip at.  

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