20 Photos Of Wildlife In Arizona That Will Drop Your Jaw

Arizonans know that our deserts and forests are teeming with an incredibly wide number of animals, large and small. Since human settlements encroach on their homes, we come across wildlife quite often, even in central Phoenix.

Even though they are such close neighbors, remember to always respect their boundaries: never feed wildlife and never attempt to handle them. If you feel uncomfortable with wild animals entering your yard–like coyotes or javelinas–the best thing you can do is shoo them away to discourage them from coming back. Removal of wildlife by the Game & Fish Department should be considered a last resort because this land is their home, too.

In the meanwhile, here are some pictures of the stunning animals we can see around the state!

Whew, that was a lot of animals but is was still hardly a fraction of the variety we can see across Arizona. Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!