25 Pictures Of The Arizona Monsoon Season That Will Take Your Breath Away

It looks like this year the summer monsoon got its start a little earlier than usual. Right now, we’re typically still baking under 115 degree temperatures, waiting for some relief from the heat whenever we happen to find ourselves away from the air conditioner.

However, we’re happy the storms have arrived and it makes for an exciting time of year. The storms are beautiful, dramatic, and dangerous. Even with the cloud build up that can be seen from miles away, the dust, lightning, and rain can all happen so quickly that people are routinely caught off guard.

The monsoon season also makes for an incredible photography subject. So if you’re still waiting for rain to make it to your doorstep or are missing out on it by instead spending your time in some boring place like San Diego, here are some photos to enjoy. Stay safe this summer!

What is your favorite part of the monsoon season? Let us know in the comments!