A Bacon-Themed Restaurant In Arizona, The Oink Cafe Is Deliciously Dreamy

Are you looking for a new favorite breakfast restaurant? One that perhaps has the best selection of bacon around? There are quite a few great options across Arizona but if bacon is your passion, you’re going to love this one tasty restaurant. If ever you’ve wondered what the best bacon-themed restaurant in Arizona is, check out The Oink Cafe. It’s as deliciously dreamy as you could imagine.

The Oink Cafe is located at 4326 East Cactus Road in Phoenix. Additional locations for this bacon-themed restaurant in Arizona can be found in Tucson (7131 East Broadway Boulevard) and Tempe (1701 East Warner Road). Visit the website at oinkcafe.com.

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Address: 7131 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710, USA
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Bacon-Themed Restaurant In Arizona

February 10, 2020

Where should I go for the best bacon in Arizona?

If you’re looking for the place to go with the best bacon in Arizona, Oink Cafe ranks pretty high up on the list. However, there are still other places or types of bacon in Arizona that are worthy of checking out. For example, the Meat Shop in Phoenix has been named the best bacon in town by the Phoenix New Times. The Wilson family behind the Meat Shop has spent over 100 years breeding and raising pigs, which is why their caliber of bacon is simply top-notch.

Are there other themed restaurants in Arizona?

Outside of The Oink, there are other themed restaurants in Arizona that are worth considering, too. Bobby D’s Diner in Parker is a classic 50’s-style diner than is filled with retro gear from the servers down to the menu items. Hula’s Modern Tiki in Phoenix is all about the Hawaiian-style vibes and tiki atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Mining Camp Restaurant in Apache Junction represents old mining meals in a gargantuan mess hall. Check out more information about themed restaurants in Arizona here.

What are the best comfort food restaurants in Arizona?

Nothing beats the blues quite like comfort food. The good news for those living in Arizona is that there are plenty of comfort food spots to check out. The best comfort food restaurant in Arizona will depend on what your preference is for comfort food. For example, Rendezvous Diner is said to be the best place in Arizona for a winter meal. Meanwhile, there is a macaroni and cheese-only restaurant in Arizona that is our heaven on Earth.

Address: 7131 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710, USA