22 Things Alaskans Miss Terribly When They Leave Home

You’ve lived in Alaska either all your life or for a long period of time, and now you want to leave, huh? Well guess what… we are willing to predict that you won’t stay gone for long. Because the last frontier has a way of pulling at your heart strings and holding on so tight that it might never let you fully go. The incredible, undeniable beauty is just the start of it all.

When you get to know the locals, gaze at glaciers, climb to the top of a mountain, meet the mushing community, visit a remote village and stare endlessly a brilliantly colored sunset over the inlet – your heart will turn to complete mush. You will quickly realize that there is no place on earth like Alaska, and no matter how many times you leave – you’ll always want to come back. Or, come home.

Are you a true blue and yellow sporting last frontiersman? If so, you’ll totally understand these 20 extremely weird things that only people from Alaska do.

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