The One Small Town In Alaska Where You’ll Never Want To Sleep

Soldotna is one small Alaskan town with a lot to say. Quite frankly, it’s almost like it’ll never shut up. The fierce beauty of the local landscapes scream so loudly while simultaneously giving you the most grandiose dose of eye-candy. In a place this beautiful, you’ll have a hard time staying indoors. In fact, you’ll probably never want to sleep. Just see for yourself…

Not only is Soldotna an epic adventure destination, but it is also a wonderful place to live, laugh and love freely. Business, growth, education, healthcare, community, family… the list goes on and on. Living in Soldotna truly is a lifestyle that will have you hooked. If you aren’t already convinced, check out the great YouTube video below from the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce and find yourself falling in love with Alaska’s Kenai River City.

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