The Hiking Trail Hiding In Alaska That Will Transport You To Another World

Granite Tors is the name of this scenic hiking trail in Alaska, and also the name of the stone features that dot the path. Tors are unusually shaped rock outcroppings that push out of the ground, giving the area an otherworldly feel. This hike is absolutely beautiful and is perfect for an overnight backpacking trip. Head out on this amazing hike to experience a part of Alaska that looks like nowhere else on the planet. You’ll love the Granite Tors hike in Interior Alaska, as it takes you through some of our state’s most interesting natural history.

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Address: Fairbanks, AK 99712, USA
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Scenic Hiking Trail In Alaska

October 06, 2020

Are there a lot of good hiking trails in Alaska?

There are over 750 named hiking trails in our huge and beautiful and state. This doesn’t include all of the amazing backcountry hiking you can do, too! Our state has many areas where you are welcome to blaze your own trail, especially high above the ridge line. Whether you’re hiking along the coast, or way up in the mountains, you’ll find a beautiful hiking trail with stunning views that you’ll love to see.

What is the best season to go hiking in Alaska?

There is actually fantastic hiking all year long in Alaska, as long as you’re well equipped. If you’re hiking in the wintertime, make sure you have the right gear and training, including avalanche safety courses for hiking in the mountains and backcountry during our snowiest season. Many people prefer to hike in the warmer temperatures of summer, but you do run into things like mosquitoes, bears, and sometimes smoke from wildfires. But the views are stunning, usually the weather is agreeable, and you have 24 hours of daylight to explore!

Address: Fairbanks, AK 99712, USA