The Frozen Underground Tunnel In Alaska That You Have To See To Believe

This incredibly unique place known as the ‘Permafrost Tunnel‘ is one of the most rare attractions in the last frontier. From 1963–1969 this tunnel was actually evacuated for the study of permafrost, geology and ice science. In addition, engineers and various industry workers wanted to perfect mining and construction techniques specific to the permafrost environments that are so abundant in Alaska. Fascinating features are plentiful inside this tunnel, which makes the perfect place for scientists and engineers to study a frozen environment that is over 40,000 years old. If you’ve never heard of this distinctive locale, get ready to be blown away.

If you thought that tunnel was incredible, learn more by reading about this underground natural wonder in Alaska that’s positively unique. On top of that, this natural phenomenon in Alaska that happens just once a year is absolutely spectacular and sure to give you a major dose of eye candy.

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