10 Common Things That Are Way More Expensive In Alaska Than Anywhere Else In The U.S.

Living in Alaska is definitely a sacrifice; you have to brave the storm, be thousands of miles away from the rest of your family and get used to doing things like paying 5x as much for a food item than you did in the lower 48. The cost of living up here is not cheap. However for those of us that live here and absolutely love it, it’s totally worth it. We’d rather pay outrageous prices and be surrounded by like-minded people than be stuck in a concrete jungle any day! Check out these 10 common things that are way more expensive in the last frontier than anywhere else in the US.

Aside from the really high prices, living in Alaska is definitely the best place to be in the U.S. Rural Alaska in particular is special for so many reasons including the limited crowd sizes and the vast array of outdoor activities. If you don’t already agree, be sure to check out these 20 photos that prove rural Alaska is the best place to live and get ready to leave the city life behind.