A Drone Flew High Above Alaska’s Turnagain Arm And Captured Something Truly Stunning

The bore tide in Alaska has been said to be one of nature’s more spectacular and dramatic events in the Last Frontier. So what is it exactly? Well, this natural phenomenon happens when the incoming tide clashes with the outgoing tide, which then forms a massive wave that will travel only up a narrow channel, inlet or bay. This thundering rush of water can reach up to 40-50 feet in length with waves up to 10 feet high, which adventurous locals can be found kayaking and surfing on any given day. They say Alaska locals are made of hardier stuff, and they are right! The bore tide phenomona is one of the most interesting things about Alaska.

In the stunning YouTube drone video of Alaska, you’ll see the mind-blowing series of events that lead up to the tidal phenomenon off of Alaska’s Seward Highway on the Turnagain Arm. Watch in amazement as the drone follows the bore tide down the Turnagain Arm. Next time you’re driving down the Seward Highway, be sure to stop at a scenic pullout to look for this incredible natural experience as you make this breathtaking drive. You never know when you just might have the opportunity to see the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Have you ever seen the bore tide in Alaska? What did you think? Will you look for it again? Have you ever kayaked or stand up paddled the bore tide? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re a fan of drone footage, don’t miss this incredible capture that is guaranteed to leave you in awe. Also, this drone footage in Alaska will show you a side to fly fishing like you’ve never experienced before. For more great articles and cool videos of Alaska, be sure to visit us online HERE.

Address: Turnagain Arm, Alaska, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Bore Tide In Alaska

May 26, 2020

What is there to see on the Seward Highway in Alaska?

Aside from the incredible bore tide, there are a ton of things to see and do on the Seward Highway. This highway spans from the city of Anchorage, all the way south to Seward, a span of over 127 miles. Along this coast you can see natural beauties like the Chugach Mountain range, wildlife like beluga whales, mountain goats, bald eagles, moose, and maybe even a bear or two. There’s the Wildlife Conservation Center, the majestic Kenai Lake, and waterfalls galore as to see you road trip down this spectacular scenic highway in Alaska. 

Is the Seward Highway in Alaska dangerous to drive?

While a stunning drive that offers many things to see and experience, the Seward Highway is also the most dangerous highway to drive in Alaska. This data came from the number of fatal accidents that occurred along this road. As a two lane highway along a twisted mountain route, many people are in a hurry and don’t practice caution on this road. With roaming wildlife crossing wherever they please, and slower drivers stalling traffic in large RVs, impatience can become rampant on this road. Make sure to pull over if you see someone speeding behind you, or you’ve got a tail of over four vehicles. And keep your eyes peeled for drivers passing cars on this curvy road, especially in areas they are not supposed to pass.

Address: Turnagain Arm, Alaska, USA