Someone Flew A Drone High Above Alaska And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

There is positively no denying that Alaska is filled with the most awe-inspiring displays of pure nature. As you’ll find in this eloquent video footage below, the most mind-blowing landscapes in the Last Frontier are made all the more beautiful in the quiet frozen solitude that the winter months bring. For a magical dose of eye-candy, get ready to fall in love with massive snow-dusted glaciers, pristine frozen lakes, frosty forests and towering mountains covered in powder.

Not to mention, the way that the sun hits the crisp winter settings will leave you feeling all sorts of splendid inside. Before you know it, you’ll be over the wintertime hibernation and itching to get outside and experience Alaska’s remaining winter months while you still have time!

If you thought that was amazing, we dare you not to fall in love with Alaska’s state capital of Juneau after watching this incredible footage. For a good laugh, you’re sure to enjoy this epic police chase that will forever go down in Alaskan history.

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