These 10 Bugs Found In Alaska Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

When the average person hears the words ‘bug’ and ‘Alaska’ in the same sentence, they are sent into some sort of frenzy; absentmindedly swatting at the air, and talking about football sized mosquitoes waiting patiently at the door of your tent like a blood sucking hover craft. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that the mosquitoes in Alaska may be a little larger than life but they aren’t all that bad, nor are they the only bugs that will completely and totally creep you out. Beware scrolling through this list, your skin will start crawling (heaven knows mine did as I wrote this) and I guarantee you’ll check your sheets before going to bed tonight when you read all about these creepy bugs in Alaska.

Which of these creepy bugs in Alaska bugged you the most? Have you seen all of these in the wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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Creepy Bugs In Alaska

September 04, 2020

What is the most famous bug in Alaska?

Without a doubt, the mosquito is the most well known insect you’ll find in Alaska. Jokingly referred to as the “state bird,” mosquitoes in the Last Frontier are huge! They are much larger than their smaller counterpart that you will find in the Lower 48. While bigger, they are much slower when they fly, so they are easier to avoid and kill then the smaller, speedier ones. If they do land however, and they get a chance to bite you, they can leave bites the size of quarters. These mosquitoes are no joke, and they definitely make their presence known. The swarms of mosquitoes in the Arctic Circle can get so bad they actually influence wild caribou’s migration patterns!

What is the best season to visit to avoid the bugs in Alaska?

Fall and winter are the best seasons to visit if you don’t want to be inundated with insects. If the fall is warm and rainy you may still come across mosquitoes, but if there’s an early frost and cooler temperatures you will most likely avoid their presence. The winter won’t have any bugs beyond what’s made it’s home in your house, but you will contend with much colder temperatures. Alaska’s summer splendor makes it easy to travel around the state and see many gorgeous sights, but you will have to deal with the bugs!

Address: Alaska, USA