This One Destination Has The Absolute Bluest Water In Alaska

It’s not hard to imagine that gorgeous, glistening glaciers have something (okay, everything) to do with the place that is home to the bluest water in the last frontier. Mix in the towering Chugach Mountains combined with the massive Kenai Mountains that seemingly come together to provide the most picture-perfect backdrop to accent the piercing turquoise water. If you aren’t already addicted to this special spot in the place known as Alaska’s playground, you better get ready to fall in love – it’s chock-full of the bluest water in Alaska!

Beautiful river, huh? We’d be lying if we said that we weren’t totally obsessed with this magical place. In fact, one of our favorite activities to enjoy on the river is catching and releasing world class trophy rainbow trout during the late summer and fall months. Check out the video below from Alaska Drift Away Fishing for an epic up close & personal look at one of Alaska’s most sought-after bucket list items for the angling addicts of the world.

If you love the Kenai River then we are certain you’ll agree that visiting the Kenai Peninsula is Alaska’s top outdoor attraction. Have you ever been? If so, we’d love for you to share your photos with us in the Facebook comments!

Address: Kenai River, Kenai, AK, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

the bluest water in Alaska

February 15, 2021

Where is Kenai Lake in Alaska?

Kenai Lake is a beautiful, ridiculously blue lake that looks a bit more like a river at some points on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. It serves an important purpose as the headwaters of the Kenai river, which flows for 82 miles (through plenty of absolutely incredible landscapes!) until it reaches the Cook Inlet at the Pacific Ocean, where it disperses into the sea.

What are the most beautiful lakes in Alaska?

Alaska is home to, incredibly, more than 3 million lakes – so it’s a bit difficult to choose the most beautiful. The entire state is otherworldly; there are some lakes that stick out to us, though. Kenai Lake is stunning, and so is Eklutna Lake, near Anchorage, Skilak Lake, which, like Kenai Lake, is also on the Kenai Peninsula, Auke Lake, near Juno, and Blue Lake, which is nearby the town of Sitka.

Where are some scenic places in Alaska?

Alaska is a paradise, especially for lovers of chilly weather and stunning sights. Check out Denali Park, Kodiak Island, and drive the 127 miles of the Seward Highway for naturally breathtaking environments that cannot be beat. The possibilities are very nearly endless. Bring a camera, too – you’ll absolutely need to take all the pictures. Looking for more scenic drives in Alaska, by chance? Check out our picks for some of the most unforgettable scenic drives in Alaska! 


Address: Kenai River, Kenai, AK, USA