Escape To This Hidden Cove In Alaska For An Epic Outdoor Adventure

Bartlett Cove is a glimmering spot on the Alaskan landscape, a truly peaceful and pristine location to explore. Just 200 years ago, the cove was the finger of a 100-mile long glacier. That’s gone now, and icebergs no longer dot the waters of Bartlett Cove, but the animals, plants, and landscape continue to change after being affected by the Neoglacial Ice Age. In this unique area, there are trails, tide pools, mountains and camping spots. You’ll find everything you are looking for in an epic outdoor adventure at the serene cove in Alaska.

Bartlett Cove
Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve
PO Box 140
Gustavus, AK 99826

Check out the National Park Service Glacier Bay Web Cam here.


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