10 Glacier Cruises To Take In Alaska For An Enchanting Day Trip

Glaciers are Alaska’s #1 tourist attraction! Tens of thousands of them dot the state and their thrilling size and striking beauty are amazing to witness. Perhaps the most intimate way to experience the awesome scale of an Alaskan glacier is on the water and a huge number of cruises are available throughout Alaska.

Prince William Sound and the Kenai Fjords are full of tidewater glaciers that extend down from mountain peaks and out into the sea. You can the hear the glaciers sizzle as trapped air bubbles slowly escape. Witnessing a tidewater glacier unleash a block of ice ten stories high into the ocean is one of the most dramatic events in all of nature. Cruises are a great way to see marine life as well, such as playful sea otters and harbor seals. Make sure to add a glacier cruise to your Alaskan travels!

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