Why Everyone Should Explore These Ice Caves In Alaska At Least Once

As you fly into Alaska’s capital city of Juneau and descend into the magnificent Mendenhall Glacier, that rare and unique beauty that overcomes you is guaranteed to blow your mind straight into another universe. Tucked away underneath a fresh, fluffy blanket of snow is this alternate ice-cave world that is filled with larger than life beauty.

As you step inside and feel the crisp air and chilly temperature caused by the frozen landmass that surrounds you, you are sure to be overwhelmed with an explainable out of body experience. Although this wow-worthy place is enchanting from a distance, it is truly something that must be experienced in person to be fully appreciated.

Now for the main production, feast your eyes on this captivating footage produced by GoPro and shared on YouTube. You are about to get the biggest dose of eye-candy that you’ve seen all year.

If you’re as obsessed as we are with the raw, rugged beauty that the last frontier has to offer, you’ll be amazed by this natural phenomenon that happens just once a year in Alaska. It is spectacular! Also, be sure to read more about the Mendenhall Ice Caves by checking out this great article that we featured earlier this year.

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