9 Reasons Why We Call This Season ‘Break Up’ In Alaska Instead Of Spring

When national chains start putting out swimsuits and flip flops on store shelves in March, Alaskans just laugh, knowing we still have weeks or months of cold weather to go before the summer sun shows up. Spring in Alaska never has the picture perfect new green lawns or daffodils of other parts of the country, but it has a dark magic all its own.

As the days grow longer the snow starts to melt, the animals come out of hibernation, and the earth awakens in a uniquely Alaskan way. So, forget about spring. We don’t have it here, at least not until we go through the rough transition from gorgeous winter wonderland to lovely midnight sun. Welcome to the rejuvenating, and often unsightly, season of ‘break up.’ Here are the reasons this season is unique unto itself and, at least in the U.S., found only in Alaska.

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