13 Phrases That Will Make You Swear Alaskans Have Their Own Language

Alaskans have a fairly neutral American accent, so you might not be able to recognize a person from the north by their accent alone. If you know what to look for, these particular phrases people say in Alaska are a dead giveaway that you’re speaking to a local of the Last Frontier. You can use this as a translation tool to understand the Alaskans you come in contact with and communication will be smooth sailing.

Can you think any other phrases people say in Alaska that are unique and puzzling? Are there any that tickle your funny bone? Let us know in the comments below!

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Phrases People Say In Alaska

August 13, 2020

How many languages are spoken in Alaska?

Alaska is a very diverse state, even though it has a small population. There are 20 different Alaska Native languages spoken in the state, as well as the English language. Inside the Anchorage municipal school district, over 100 distinct and separate languages are spoken in this area. Anchorage also has two of the top three most diverse neighborhoods in all of the United States of America. This is due to the blend of many immigrants moving into the state and relocating to these areas. Mountain View is the most diverse neighborhood, followed by Fairview. Though Alaska seems inhabitable from those in the lower 48, we have many different people with many different cultures living and thriving here.

What is the most popular language in Alaska?

According to the Census, outside of the English language, which is the most widely spoken language in this state, the Yupik language is most commonly spoken. In fact, Alaska is home to two of the world’s largest language families: Eskimo-Aleut and Athabascan-Eyak-Tlingit (AET). These languages both offer ways to reconstruct the ancestral language they stemmed from, and the Athabascan language roots range all the way down the west coast to the southwestern desert regions. The history of these amazing languages is truly fascinating!