11 Incredible Thrift Stores In Alaska Where You’ll Find All Kinds Of Treasures

It takes so much energy to ship, carry or truck items to Alaska that usually when the owner is done with them, they stay close to home. Remnants of older times are everywhere from the signs of ancient peoples to the Gold rush era of the 1900s to the Pipeline craze of the 1970s, there are artifacts all over the state. Some say old rusty pieces of metal are trash, some say they are priceless authentic goldpans from a part of Alaska’s history. But if someone else’s junk is your treasure, then these are the shops for you!

Here are the top places to find the pieces of Alaskana you seek. Some rebuild and refinish antiques, some just find treasures and put them on a shelf for your shopping pleasure. These stores will fill your need for secondhand delights in the long winter months and through spring break-up, when yard sales just aren’t in season.

Have you been to these shops? What’s the best piece of treasure you discovered in Alaska? Let us know in the comments below!