This Strange Phenomenon In An Alabama Town Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

What goes up must always come down, right? Well, not always! For example, there’s a strange phenomenon in Sylacauga, Alabama that has everyone baffled. This phenomenon is the mysterious Gravity Hill, Sylacauga’s most well-known attraction. This gravity hill in Alabama must be seen to be believed! It’s one of the strange and unusual things you can find in our great state. Read more to find out how this mind boggling site can seem to defy the laws of physics!

Gravity Hill is located west of Alabama US 280, on Gravity Hill Road. When a driver arrives at the stop sign and puts their vehicle in neutral, it’s mysteriously pulled uphill. So, what on earth could be the cause behind this strange occurrence? Scientists say it’s an area that looks like it’s going uphill, but really, is going downhill. You are essentially experiencing an optical illusion.

Many people believe Gravity Hill is an optical illusion, while others believe something else is behind this strange phenomenon. There are many urban legends that try to explain this crazy natural phenomena. According to local folklore, Gravity Hill is the site of a Native American burial ground. Numerous individuals believe the reason why vehicles roll uphill is because the ghosts of these Native Americans are trying to push trespassers off their land. Could this mystery spot really be haunted? This phenomenon may be strange, but it’s still quite extraordinary, nonetheless. Do you think this is one of the  creepy places in Alabama to visit? The best part is, you can go here and try it yourself in your car!

Watch the video below to see Gravity Hill in action for yourself.

After viewing the video, what do you think? Do you believe Gravity Hill is an optical illusion, or do vehicles really roll uphill when parked in neutral? Share your thoughts with us below! What ever you think, this gravity hill deserves a spot on our weird places in Alabama list.

Have you ever visited this gravity hill in Alabama? What did you think? Did it weird you out? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re not in Alabama, is there one of these interesting spots near you? These natural phenomena are so interesting to learn more about, and experience firsthand.

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Address: Sylacauga, AL, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Gravity Hill In Alabama

January 27, 2021

Are there a lot of gravity hills in Alabama?

There are at least five well known gravity hills in the state of Alabama. You can visit the one in this article, Gravity Hill Road in Sylacauga, or Highland Drive in Birmingham, Henry Hill Road in Lawrence County, Ghost Hill Road in Morgan County, or Big Cove Road in Madison County. There’s plenty of places around the state that offer a firsthand look at this interesting phenomena.

Are there a lot of creepy places in Alabama?

Yes! There are tons of ghost towns, haunted places filled with paranormal activity, and veritable hot spots of spooky sites all throughout the state. Local legends will tell the tales of battlegrounds, cemeteries, and other creepy spots that you can visit to see if you can get a first hand look at the paranormal! If you're feeling extra brave, this road trip will take you to the scariest places in Alabama.

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