27 Years Ago, Alabama Was Hit With The Worst Blizzard In History

Here in Alabama, we don’t experience a lot of heavy snow. However, when we do, it can be truly epic – and sometimes, it is. Over the years, we’ve definitely seen our fair share of snow flurries, but not many super-intense blizzards like the ones you’d see in, say, the Midwest. In 1993, however, one of Alabama’s worst blizzards in history hit and hit hard. It became known as “The Storm of the Century,” and you can learn all about it below:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

News footage covering the historic blizzard can be viewed below:

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Blizzards in Alabama

October 25, 2021

How often does it snow in Alabama? 

Believe it or not, snow isn’t a super-common occurrence in the state of Alabama. It’s not uncommon to see perhaps a light dusting of the white stuff north of Montgomery, but other than that, ‘Bama only sees significant snowfall every so often. On average, Alabama sees about 2 inches of snow per year; on New Years’ Eve and New Years’ Day 1963/64, however, up to 24 inches of snow fell overnight in parts of the state, while Huntsville alone reported just over 17 inches. In 1993, a record-breaking storm dropped 10.3 inches of snow over the state. Again, these events are not the norm – but they sure are interesting to remember!  

What kind of natural disasters in Alabama are there?  

Despite its lack of snow most years, Alabama is not completely free of natural disasters. Some of the most common natural disasters in Alabama during any given year include severe storms, flooding, tornadoes, and tropical storms/hurricanes. Some years, there is wildfire risk as well. Alabama is prone to large and/or violent tornadoes; in fact, Alabama is #2 in the United States for violent/deadly tornadoes. Alabama was front and center during the super outbreak of tornadoes in 2011, with 62 total tornadoes confirmed across the state. Of these tornadoes, one was the worst-case scenario – an EF5 – and four were next-to-worst EF4s. Unfortunately, Alabama is prone to this kind of storm. It also sees quite a bit of flooding and occasional large hail, though those risks are secondary to the severe storms and tornadoes. Sometimes, the strange happens – for example, in 1916, there was an earthquake that affected Irondale, Alabama. For a list of some of Alabama’s scariest natural disasters, take a look at this article