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15 Things You Can Only Brag About If You’re From Virginia

Sure, every state has something to brag about. And, definitely, some state have more than others. Fortunately, those of us from Virginia have more than our fair share of accolades and accomplishments. In addition to making us fascinating dinner guests, Virginia’s attributes are the kinds of things that have put our state on the map and in the history books. Here are just a few of them…

Of course, these are only some of the things that we like to brag about. What are the things that you feel set Virginia apart? Are there things that you like to mention to your friends, particularly those from out of state, that you would like to see added to this list? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

Anna Strock
Virginia staff writer for Only in Your State, freelance writer and journalist. Even though Anna has lived other places, somehow Virginia is where she always seems to land.