What This Drone Footage Caught In Vermont Will Drop Your Jaw

Marble has played a big part in Vermont history and many of the country’s famous buildings and monuments contain some of the marble from right here in VT. Today our quarries still produce state-of-the-art counter tops, beautiful headstones and monuments, marble bridges, doorsteps, along with crushed granite which is used in everything from toothpaste to road aggregate.

Today, people enjoy swimming and cliff jumping in abandoned quarries, and the scenery found here could put many Hollywood sets to shame. Check out what this drone footage captured at this abandoned quarry in VT near the famous Rock of Ages quarry in Barre. The quarry featured is located in Graniteville and the music is a segment of Pink Floyd’s “Cluster One” in the background of this amazing footage captured by Jeremy Gilchrist. Enjoy!

Get out and enjoy the beauty of Vermont today!