What Happens At This Pub In Tennessee Is Too Weird For Words

Ah, Memphis. Home of the blues. Adopted home of Elvis Presley, teeming with wanna-be musicians and a culture that bursts across the Mississippi and finds a spot in school textbooks. This is a land of promise, of neon lights and real good booze, businessmen that let their ties loose and millennial women that hold jobs with good ol’ Tennessee dreams. You think you know Memphis, don’t you?

There’s Beale Street. And Silky O’Sullivans ON Beale Street. A pub that serves alcohol in buckets, barbecue so good you just may cry (if you’re already sauced, of course) and has a really neat outdoor seating area ringed by beer drinking goats.

Yep. You heard us right.

Beer. Drinking. Goats.

That live in a tower like some weird deranged fairy tale that went wildly, wildly wrong. But this is the south and we can tell this true story any which way we want, so we’ll start with pictures.

They’re available for feeding the whole year ’round, so you and your over 21-year-old friends can share a pint with a furry little buddy. The tower is for the goats to climb in their spare time, because they’re well known for loving heights. Goat towers are nothing new to the world (seriously. Google it.) and there hasn’t been one single goat problem at Silky’s. Not one. All alive and well, forever drunk.

It’s the real deal, folks. Welcome to Memphis.

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