26 Awesome Things To Do In South Carolina… Without Opening Your Wallet

Summer is coming and with it comes the mind blowing question of what to do with the children that won’t deplete your bank account. We have all been there. The children are extremely bored and don’t know what do with themselves. You are tired of being in the house as well and all you would like to do is get out and go some place different. Money can be an issue and a deterrent to happiness, but I’m here to let you know that lack of money doesn’t mean lack of happiness.

South Carolina has an abundance of destinations that are free. So many so, in fact, that I couldn’t put them all on here.

I can’t promise free gas, but the locations are free to enjoy. Pack a generous picnic basket and you are all set for a day of free to low cost fun! Don’t let that tight budget get you down. Pick one of these spots, let your hair down, and laugh through the day.

Thank you to all the photographers who have taken these beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing with us.