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There’s A Little Known Unique Garden In Rhode Island… And It’s Truly Amazing

Living in the smallest and one of the most densely populated states means that there are few things left to discover. It often feels like even the tourists know every nook and cranny and stunningly gorgeous attractions. Yet somehow there are beautiful gems left relatively unnoticed and few places compare to these magical topiary gardens.

This unique garden in Rhode Island is absolutely unforgettable. For hours and visitor information, visit Click here for more great outdoor activities in the Ocean State!

Jeana is a freelance writer, musician, and student. She is in the Providence based acoustic duo Tammy & Jeana, and the folk act known as Great Gale. Jeana commutes to Northeastern University in Boston where she is pursuing an M.S. in Organizational Communication. As a long time Rhode Islander who was born in Warwick, she loves promoting the state's wonders.