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The Deadly History Of This Rhode Island Monument Is Terrifying But True

Living in one of the original colonies means quite a few things for New Englanders. We can enjoy gorgeous historic sites like old colonial homes, fantastic museums, and so much more. It also means there are plenty of examples of dark histories lingering all over. Many would argue that Rhode Island is even among the most haunted states, if you believe in that sort of thing. Here is one old story that is still chilling to those who visit this place.

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Jeana is a freelance writer, musician, and student. She is in the Providence based acoustic duo Tammy & Jeana, and the folk act known as Great Gale. Jeana commutes to Northeastern University in Boston where she is pursuing an M.S. in Organizational Communication. As a long time Rhode Islander who was born in Warwick, she loves promoting the state's wonders.