This Charming General Store In North Carolina Will Make You Long For The Good Old Days

There’s just something about general stores. Maybe it’s the way the hardwood creaks, like hundreds of others have walked the same step you have; maybe it’s the nooks and crannies piled to the brim with unique finds; maybe it’s the smiling faces who greet you when you walk in and you reminisce on the good ol’ days, or even just discuss what the good ol’ days were like. General stores are like a whisper into the past, a little remnant of memory that still stands and we can still experience today. One in North Carolina holds true to all the nostalgia mentioned above.

Brothers S.W and C.S Davis opened in 1890, their founding goal as a mercantile to provide supplies to the farming community. Over one hundred years have passed, and Davis General Store still remains, as it was when opened, just outside of Charlotte. At the time the store opened, general stores were the heart of the community. Davis General Store was situated on the railroad tracks between Charlotte and Huntersville. While it started as a farm store, the general store was completed in 1908 and still stands today.

Wow, what an amazing peek into the past we can still experience today. Have you visited Davis General Store for yourself?

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