Here Are 7 New York Swimming Holes That Will Make Your Summer Epic

Before we really kick off this post and share with you some of the truly epic places you can cool off this summer, we need to go over a few basics first. When sharing our favorite getaways and pieces of Mother Nature with others, the hope is for them to have great experiences here as well, and for everyone to walk away with awesome, unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, as remote spots become more well known and explored by outsiders, we often end up encountering visitors who don’t have the same respect for these beautiful places as we do.

For most of our residents, the idea of cleaning up after yourself and respecting the nature around you is quite the comprehended concept. But often we find that this is more frequently becoming not the case. One of the places we’ve listed below is a prime example of what can happen when a natural wonder deals with a lack of respect. An article with pictures from over the last couple years, some as recent as this past August, shows a Catskill swimming hole covered in trash and heavily populated. I, myself visited last summer and while I didn’t experience it being horribly crowded, I sadly did experience having to clean up some broken glass. Besides my minor run in with the glass, I can honestly say I had the most wonderful day at this particular swimming hole.

Now that the basics are covered and we’ve quickly refreshed our minds on why it’s important to take care of our surroundings, who’s ready to make their 2016 bucket list a little longer? Fun in the sun is around the corner, here are 7 swimming holes in New York that will make your summer epic:

If you haven’t already pulled your bathing suits out of storage, now is the the time! How many of these swimming holes in New York can you say you’ve visited?