The Longest Tramway In The Nation Is Right Here In New Mexico

The Sandia Peak Tramway spans 2.7 miles. That makes it the longest tramway in the nation. It’s also Albuquerque’s top attraction on Tripadvisor. And for good reason.

Some tramways are like amusement park rides: you line up for hours and are rewarded with a 60-second ride. That’s not the case here. The cars move at 12 miles per hour so the journey lasts for 15 minutes.

The Tram Cam snaps a picture of the top of the tramway every five minutes.

This attraction is located at 30 Tramway Road NE in Albuquerque.

Have you ridden on the country’s longest tramway? Would you want to?

For an instant aerial perspective on New Mexico, check out this footage.