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The 10 Best Places In New Mexico To Go On An Unforgettable Picnic

Picnics are a staple of summer in New Mexico. Given our state’s size and its natural beauty, there are virtually endless options available to you. However, if you’re in need of inspiration, consider these 10 spots for your next picnic. Some of our suggestions offer picnic tables and grills, while others are more of a BYOB (bring your own blanket) situation. All of these sites are gorgeous, and many are a little off the beaten path.

We know this list is incomplete. After all, there are oodles of amazing picnic spots in New Mexico. What’s your favorite?

Juliet White
New Mexico staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. A committed travel junkie, Juliet has lived on two continents, but believes that the sunsets in New Mexico are the best. She can be reached on Twitter @JulietWrites.