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7 Nevada Restaurants Right On The River That You’re Guaranteed To Love

Two of Nevada’s biggest rivers are the Truckee and the Colorado. The Truckee runs for 121 miles in both Nevada and California and is the only outlet for Lake Tahoe. The Colorado River’s headwaters are in Colorado and the river flows through Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California. The river is 1,450 miles long and is considered one of the major rivers of the west. Nevadans can enjoy a meal and a stunning view at restaurants conveniently situated by the Truckee and Colorado Rivers.

Have you found any other restaurants in Nevada with riverside views? Share in the comments!

Mychelle Blake
Mychelle Blake is a freelance writer, website designer and social media consultant. She happily tolerates the insane Las Vegas heat with her three wacky pit bulls, one fish, one bird and one husband.