The Story Behind This Place In Missouri Is Almost Unbelievable

At the site of a former cement factory located along Riverview Drive near the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis, a visionary named Bob Cassilly saw something that made him want to create an amazing adult amusement park, where you could “do all the things you aren’t supposed to do.” He worked on the project, Cementland, for 11 years and had great plans for what the 54-acre site would become. It’s a beautiful location, with a view of the Gateway Arch and with river access.  But it was not to be…

No matter what the future holds, it’s a shame that the world will never see what might have been had Bob Cassilly lived and finished his grand amusement park. He was a true visionary, artist, and a great contributor to the idea of thinking outside the box in order to create something truly beautiful out of the most basic, ordinary things. May he rest in peace.

Let’s take a look around, shall we?