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15 Pieces Of Graffiti In Minnesota So Brilliant They Should Be In A Museum

Photographers often have a knack for taking things that are rough around the edges and making them beautiful, but so do these street artists, who have created museum-worthy works. The combination of talented photographers and outstanding artists is why these photos of Minnesota graffiti are so phenomenal.

Some of the most spectacular art you’ll see could be surrounding you at any time. Hopefully, this can inspire you to capture things in a new perspective and explore the beauty that the city has to offer.

Jo Magliocco
Minnesota staff writer for Only in Your State and owner of Minnesota blog, I'm a Minneapolis transplant who loves my cats, camera, and local coffee. On the weekends I'm usually exploring the North Shore or making my way through the list of Minnesota's State Parks. Want to talk about MN or ask me a question? Tweet me @sotafiedjo!