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The Story Behind This Seemingly Normal Place In Kansas Will Give You Nightmares

Typically, you can’t get anymore wholesome than a library… it’s kid-friendly, offers soul-warming treats like coffee and pastries, and takes our imaginations to a whole new level. However, when it comes to this one Kansas library in particular, there is something extremely eerie to it that will leave you feeling a bit uneasy…

According to websites Mysterious Heartland and The Shadowlands: Ghosts & Hauntings, the Hutchinson Public Library is plagued by the spirit of Ida Day; a former librarian who never left the premise (even after passing away). Current librarians and patrons alike have reported bizarre occurrences, including cold spots and strange voices in the basement; the shadows of a woman dressed in dated clothing (even creepier, the shadow allegedly confronted one of the new librarians before dissolving into the dark); and the sounds of moving books when there is nobody around. If you visit the library, don’t worry – Miss Day is said to mean no harm, but has carried her serious and non-nonsense demeanor into the afterlife.

What do you think? Is this 1901 building truly haunted or is it a mere legend? Let us know your thoughts. Speaking of hauntings, check out The 8 Most Terrifying, Spooky Places To Visit In Kansas!

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