Welcome to Jetmore, Kansas; the Hodgeman County seat that is home to just under 1,000 residents.

Pretty picturesque, right? What you can’t see in these pictures, however, is what has been referred to as one of the most haunted roads in Kansas. What I am referring to, of course, is the deadly Jetmore Curve.

Located at the junctions of Highways 156 and 283, the Jetmore Curve is a sharp gravel turn that is said to have taken the lives of a group of high school students who cruised the road late one Halloween. To this day, locals and visitors alike tell the same story: If you visit the curve on Halloween night, you will hear the unexplained sounds of screaming, groaning, and of cars crashing. In addition to these Halloween occurrences, legend has it that a farmer once parked his tractor in the same spot as the accident, which lead to its disappearance. The tractor was never seen again.

What do you think? Are the stories of Jetmore Curve mere legends or is there something to it? Let us know your thoughts.

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